West-coast Swing

Here are some materials about roleplaying, storytelling & improv.

  • Potentials of Roleplaying Games in Systemic Coaching of High-performance Teams (in German) [download]

  • Outdoor for the Mind -- Spielemesse 2010 Stuttgart [download]
  • Conflict & Cooperation -- Spielemesse 2013 Stuttgart [download]
  • The Improfessional GM: Vorbereiten oder Improvisieren -- NordCon 2017 [watch]

Fate Corehttp://fate-srd.com/Fate by Evil Hat Productions is a dynamic and flexible roleplaying game. Fate Core does not have a default setting to encourage all styles of play. This website provides free-to-play rules and supplementary materials.
Roger Schaller’s Roleplaywww.roleplay.chRoger Schaller is a Swiss psychologist and psychotherapist. His website offers templates and weblinks on roleplaying exercises in training.
Roleplaying Tipswww.roleplayingtips.comThis website created by Johnn Four is a veritable treasure trove of tips and tricks to help improve your game mastering and roleplaying skills. You can also subscribe to a weekly email newsletter.
Die Spielerhttp://diespieler.com/ A fabulous improv troupe based out of Hamburg, Die Spieler offer improv shows, corporate theatre, and training. Check out their shows, you'll be wheezing with laughter.

  • Eva Neumann & Sabine Heß: »Mit Rollen spielen« (in German, managerSeminare, 2005)
  • Roger Schaller: »Das große Rollenspiel-Buch – Grundtechniken, Anwendungsformen, Praxisbeispiele« (in German, Beltz, 2006).